Poll Finds Positive Outlook on Obama’s Second Term as Inauguration Day Approaches

Republicans may be worrying about their future, but most Americans overall have a positive outlook as President Obama prepares to begin his second term. As President Obama prepares for his second inauguration on Monday, findings from a recent Harris poll show that a slight majority of Americans are feeling hopeful about the president’s second four-year term in the Oval Office. Just over half (52 percent) of U.S. adults describe themselves as very or somewhat happy about Obama beginning his second term, considerably more than indicate being very or somewhat upset (39 percent). Similarly, nearly half of Americans (47 percent) believe things will be better for the country at the end of the president’s second term, putting this sentiment well ahead of feelings … Continue reading

Pollsters: Obama, Democrats Have Clear Advantage in 2012 Election

While a prominent Democratic polling and advocacy organization expects the November election to be close, they argue that President Obama and his fellow Democrats enter the final sprint before Election Day with clear and strong advantages. The public poll averages reported by RealClearPolitics and others are biased by the daily role of Rasmussen and Gallup, which are systematically biased in favor of the Republicans, the pollsters from Democracy Corps argue.  Nate Silver of The New York Times has analyzed these and compensates for that bias, but the other polls report that Obama has about a 1 or 2-point advantage over GOP candidate Mitt Romney.  That is wrong, Democracy Corps argues.  In an email, the organization says its poll at the end of last … Continue reading

Poll: Post Presidential Bid, Bachmann Vulnerable For Re-election

Rep. Michele Bachmann, who for a brief time earlier this year became a leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination before ultimately falling out of contention, now finds herself vulnerable for re-election to her Minnesota congressional seat, according to a new poll. Bachmann receives low marks on both her job performance and personal favorability, according to the pollsters, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, which conducted the survey for Bachmann’s Democratic opponent, Jim Graves. While she is well-defined and almost universally known, her support is below 50 percent in a two-way contest for Congress, according to the pollsters. Her weaker standing leaves her vulnerable to defeat in this November?’s election against businessman Graves, they add. After dropping out of the 2012 presidential … Continue reading

Pollsters: Dems Need New ‘Economic Narrative’

Democrats, particularly President Obama, need a new “economic narrative” if they are to win in November, according to a prominent Washington polling organization which conducted focus-group testing of voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania. If the president campaigns for re-election strictly on economic performance alone, he is doomed to failure, according to a report by the pollsters, known as Democracy Corps. “We will face an impossible headwind in November if we do not move to a new narrative, one that contextualizes the recovery but, more importantly, focuses on what we will do to make a better future for the middle class,” their memo says. Political elites “are creating a conventional wisdom” that says that an incumbent president must run on his economic … Continue reading

Voters Like Obama’s ‘Built to Last’ Message

Voters across the political spectrum reacted very favorably to President Obama’s focus on creating an economy “built to last” in his 2012 State of the Union address last month, according to focus group testing and follow-up discussions with 50 swing voters in Denver, Colo. A recent ABC/Washington Post poll also underscored the positive response among those who viewed the speech nationally, according to the Democratic polling organization, Democracy Corps. The president was most effective when he focused on fixing Washington and changing the economy and tax regime to foster American jobs and protect the middle class from higher taxes, the pollsters say. The strongest sections of the speech addressed new strategies for energy and education. He made his biggest personal … Continue reading

Pollster: SOTU Provides ‘Powerful Framework For Having an Election’

President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night should “help him a lot” in his fight for re-election this year, according to longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, citing results of a focus group of swing voters held during the speech. The themes the president laid out during his annual televised address to a joint session of Congress cut across party lines and provide a “powerful framework for having an election,” Greenberg says in a briefing with reporters held after the president’s speech. Reaction from 50 swing voters in Denver, Colo., show that Obama’s populist defense of the middle class and their priorities in his State of the Union scored with voters, according to Greenberg’s polling organizations, Democracy Corps and … Continue reading

Democrats Pull Ahead In Congressional Vote

For the first time since the 2010 election, Democrats have taken the lead in the congressional vote and this poll shows that third-party defections on the presidential ballot could prove devastating for the Republicans, according to a new poll out Friday. Moreover, the intensity gap has shifted in the Democrats’ favor and Democrats have moved to parity on the economy after 28 months in deficit, the Democracy Corps poll finds. More than half of all voters (53 percent) say that the more they watch the Republicans in Congress, the less they like what the Republicans have to offer; only 39 percent say they like it more — a 14 point margin. The country is equally repelled by the Republican presidential … Continue reading