In Coaxing Cooperation From GOP, Reid Quotes Reagan

In seeking new cooperation from Republicans to enact the initiatives President Obama outlined Tuesday in his State of the Union address, the Senate’s top Democrat quoted the late GOP hero, President Ronald Reagan. With the dawn of Obama’s second term, Republicans have a “second chance to work with Democrats to rebuild the middle class,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says. “Republicans say they agree the deep cuts they voted for would be damaging to our economy and to national security. But they would rather cut Medicare, education and medical research than close a single wasteful tax loophole or ask a single millionaire to contribute more,” Reid says of the budget cuts the GOP helped enact known as the “sequester.” “They … Continue reading

Dems Quick To Hit Back On Romney-Ryan

Top Democrats, including President Obama’s re-election team, wasted no time in coming out swinging once Republican Mitt Romney announced he chose Minnesota Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. The Romney campaign reportedly made the Ryan pick official early Saturday morning via a smartphone app. The Obama campaign responded quickly, putting up a new page on its website that labels the new Romney-Ryan ticket “the go back team.” Ryan, the powerful chairman of the House Budget Committee, is best known for a series of federal budget proposals which would essentially privatize Medicare and dramatically cut back the scope of the federal budget. Independent analysts just this week released a new look at the Ryan budget, which they say, among other things, … Continue reading

President Vows To Fight For His Jobs Act: ‘I Will Not Take No For an Answer’

Senate Republicans may have tried this week to kill President Obama’s American Jobs Act, but the president refuses to let his $447 billion legislative package die quietly. The president’s re-election campaign late Wednesday released an email to supporters that included a video message from Obama himself, in which he vowed to keep fighting. The email, signed by campaign manager Jim Messina, notes that although the American Jobs Act failed to get the 60 votes in the Senate required to overcome a GOP filibuster, the legislation would have been approved absent that filibuster. Messina also cites opinion polling that finds 63 percent of Americans support Obama’s plan to create nearly 2 million jobs. In his video, Obama notes that Republican senators … Continue reading