Get High With Mitt For $2,000

Mitt Romney wants to meet you, but only if he’s really, really high. The Romney campaign just sent an email via the Washington Times  advertising an Obama-esque competition to enjoy some private time with the Republican candidate at 32,000 feet. Just you, him… and a planeful of people paid to … Continue reading

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Jerks Are Just Jerks

Republicans may not like Democrats and Democrats may not like Republicans… but nobody likes an asshole. Recently I reported on the National Bloggers Club and two of its founders, Ali Akbar and Bill Murphy. The story has been simmering beneath the surface since June, when Akbar’s felonious past was revealed. … Continue reading

Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud

Bill Murphy, Mitt Romney’s Social Media Director, and his colleague Ali Akbar have ripped off a lot of people. They ripped off the Tea Party with the American Liberty Alliance. They ripped off movement Conservatives with the National Bloggers Club. They even ripped off Andrew Breitbart. But their days of … Continue reading

Romney Staffer Ran Sham Non-Non-Profit

Team Romney’s Social Media Director, Bill Murphy, is the former Director of the National Bloggers Club, a group under IRS investigation for soliciting donations while falsely claiming to be a non-profit organization. Although NBC filed incorporation papers in January, the organization is still absent from both the IRS and GuideStar … Continue reading

Team Romney Hires Colleague of Convicted Felon Ali Akbar

Earlier this year Akbar and Murphy started a group called the National Bloggers Club. They were supported by seed money from Foster Friess, the billionaire who propped up Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign and earned notoriety for suggesting that women use aspirin as birth control – by placing a pill between their knees. Continue reading

Dems Quick To Hit Back On Romney-Ryan

Top Democrats, including President Obama’s re-election team, wasted no time in coming out swinging once Republican Mitt Romney announced he chose Minnesota Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. The Romney campaign reportedly made the Ryan pick official early Saturday morning via a smartphone app. The Obama campaign responded quickly, putting up … Continue reading

Another Romney Backer’s Comment Also Lambasted

It’s not only former New Hampshire governor John Sununu’s mouth that’s causing grief for the Romney campaign. A separate harsh anti-Obama comment has landed the Republican lieutenant governor of Virginia in hot water. Romney surrogate Sununu immediately caused a firestorm Tuesday and almost immediately had to apologize when he remarked, “I wish … Continue reading

Use of GOP Shills on Black Audiences Nothing New

through the opening, there was polite applause. As the speech progressed, it became apparent that a specific group of people were applauding at specific speech points. As the polite applause died, the shills precipitated out as if in a chemistry experiment, until their voices/applause were the only ones in evidence, and the voices were distinct. Continue reading

Is This What It’s Come To?

Things are ugly, and Mr. Big Time Morality OUGHT to know that he sets an example for his partisans. And this example is reprehensible — and ought to be reprehensible — to all civilized people. It is the antithesis of our system, the antithesis of John McCain’s praiseworthy “No. He’s not a Muslim. He’s a good American.” Continue reading

The War on the War on Women Woman

She IS a part of this campaign, and, having made herself a public figure, is undeserving of any special benefit or protection. She has to face the same political ugliness that the Obamas have (where are the cries of wounded womanhood when Michelle Obama is called “The Mooch” and derided as a mad spendthrift, behaving as Marie Antoinette in the midst of this horrible Recession?), that Hillary Clinton has, that every other man and woman in the political arena must face. Continue reading