Sarah Palin’s Quixotic Quest for Relevance

      By Walter Brasch   She’s back and tightly holding Donald Trump’s coattails. That’s right, Sarah Palin, having again found the media spotlight, is casting her shadow across the more thoughtful conservatives. This past week she declared her undying love and support of Trump’s attempt to seize the … Continue reading

Loony Weekend Commences

The Bonfire of the Hannitys focuses its annual loon-fest in Houston this weekend. Sarah Palin, looking more and more like a clever Alien simulacrum of what they consider a generic middle-aged SUV driver brought down the house with a paean to stupidity, as mellifluous as fingernails on a blackboard Continue reading

Look! A Squirrel!

But even after being distracted and conned by this BS since well before the 1993 “Whitewater” scandal that turned out not to be a scandal, but was humped by the comatose press corpse for EIGHT YEARS, they still fall for it every time. I guess you can’t teach old dogs news tricks, eh? Continue reading

When Pigs Fly, or, How to Elect Nixon Again and Again and Again …

Because we are at that silly season when, rather than banding together with those who best express one’s beliefs, it’s time to roll out the Green Party and piss on the Democrats for not being “progressive enough,” while, on the other side, there are a number, like Gary Johnson’s libertarian campaign, who will claim that their votes for him aren’t wasted and might as well have never been cast.
Continue reading

The War on Intellectuals Ramps Up

No: the war on intelligence and intellectualism is fully underway. And intelligent progressives need to remember this one … Continue reading

Putting the ‘cad’ in and taking the ‘bra’ off of ‘Abracadabra’

The “feminist” voice denouncing Bill Maher’s “misgyny” is one of the most misogynistic groups, arguably, to ever put on their culottes one shaved leg at a time. Seriously, NPR: THIS is who you put up as the “voice of women” against Bill Maher’s “misogyny”? (When she’s not appearing on Sean Hannity? Seriously?) Continue reading

‘Dumb Frankenstein’ Premieres, Starring Sarah Palin

Yes, the shocking lack of respect for the dead is, perhaps, a hallmark of Breitbartia, but one would think that the corpse would be allowed to cool before “reanimating” it, in a sort of club-footed attempt to mimic the iconic “Hope” poster of President Obama by Shepard Fairey. Continue reading

Left Pushes Back On GOP Gas Price Arguments

Eager to halt President Obama’s recent boost in the polls, Republicans have quick to blame the president and his policies for the steady rise in gas prices seen nationwide. But now those on the left have begun to sharpen their counter-attack, which is that it personal and corporate profit motive, … Continue reading