A Letter To The President

Dear Mr. President, The pomp and circumstance of your second inauguration is over, and the American people are ready to follow your lead, well then again maybe only 51% of us.  Stay true to yourself, don’t allow the political tomfoolery of Washington DC deter you or hinder your resolve.  The majority of America voted for you, not because of what we feared from a Mitt Romney presidency, it was because we believed in you.  Mr. President we still believe in hope and change.  We believe in the hope and change of an America where all people, no matter their race, creed, or sexual orientation have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We still believe in the … Continue reading

Welcome to RaceBook!

We can tolerate some bad speech. But we cannot tolerate ALL bad speech. We can tolerate some hate speech, but we cannot tolerate ALL hate speech. We need to draw a wise and prudent line in the sand. The foregoing suggests that we don’t even know where the sand is, let alone where to draw that line. Continue reading

Illinois Couple Sue After Being Denied Legal Accommodation For Ceremony

A gay Illinois couple seeking a facility to host their civil union ceremony were denied by not one, but two facilities based on their sexual orientation, according to new complaints filed with the state of Illinois Human Rights Commission. Todd and Mark Wathen of Mattoon were seeking a location for their civil union ceremony that would permit friends and family from Kentucky and Missouri to attend the ceremony and spend the night. An Internet search identified two possibilities – the Beall Mansion Bed and Breakfast of Alton and the Timber Creek Bed and Breakfast of Paxton – that offered their facilities for weddings. But when the Wathens contacted both facilities, they were rebuffed and, in one instance, subjected to a Biblical lecture … Continue reading