Music, Politics, and Hillary Clinton

Five years before the Civil War, Benjamin R. Hanby, a student at Otterbein College, composed “Darlin’ Nelly Gray,” an upbeat ballad from the perspective of runaway slave Joseph Selby whose wife was taken from him. Proceeds from the song would be used to try to buy Nelly Gray’s freedom, but … Continue reading

Today’s Media: Often Pandering to Bias and Ignorance

  by Walter Brasch   The Texas board of education didn’t find anything wrong with a world geography textbook that said slaves from Africa were workers, but that immigrants from northern Europe were indentured servants. This is the same school board that five years ago demanded that textbooks emphasize that … Continue reading

So, Was Morgan Freeman ‘Wright’?

Morgan Freeman is wrong. But no one said that he’s an expert in genetics. He’s an actor, stating an opinion. And that’s an opinion that’s ONLY meaningful, seemingly, if it can be used as a wedge, to inadvertently and vertantly push the “post racial” meme that only black men can be racists. Continue reading

What They Fought and Fight For

To our eyes, the whole grotesque notion of slavery seems impossible, and yet, while we turn our eyes away from the slavery-in-all-but-title exploitation of “illegal immigrants” in sweat shops and farm fields, we struggle to understand how an entire society could have pretended that the horror of slavery didn’t actually exist… Continue reading

Red, White & Blues at the White House

What will they think of next… Rocking the Blues at the White House with Mick Jagger and BB King. Oh my… Buddy Guy and President Barack Obama singing Sweet Home Chicago… You’re kidding… But, seriously, if you missed the live stream that was available online earlier this evening at, you … Continue reading