Taking on the Great God of Exceptionalism

Time was when the U.S. was really truly exceptional in many areas — in the 1950’s and 1960’s  —- after the rest of the world’s manufacturing was destroyed in World War II. But in those years, there wasn’t much talk of American Exceptionalism. It was so obvious, especially in the … Continue reading

The Teachers Strike May Be Over But The Crisis Continues

The Chicago strike is at the epicenter of many the critical problems in American society — profound issues aggravated by the recession — and the increasing threat of global competition.

These are:
•The deteriorating prospects and stability of the middle class and civil servants
•The long term stagnation of the underclass,
•Issues of income inequality,
•The unfairness of the tax system,
•The decreasing power of labor unions,
•And the quality of education of all children that is necessary for a nation to compete.
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