A Brief Thought on the 2nd Amendment and the Framers

When the Framers wrote the 2nd amendment clearly they weren’t thinking forward to 2012. America was a vastly different place in those days. They could not possibly see forward far enough to anticipate the mass horror that the gun culture has wreaked upon our country today. I have no doubt the Framers would change the 2nd amendment in a heartbeat, were they alive today. They are all probably rolling in their graves for the anguish of this great tragedy.  

Talking To Your Children About Newtown

In the wake of today’s horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the loss of so many little innocent children, I spent a lot of time today reflecting on the years I raised my daughter living in Los Angeles. There was not a day that went by that I dropped her off at the bus or school that I didn’t worry as all parents do, that some horrific shooting might happen at my daughter’s school. What happened in Newtown today is simply incomprehensible, but the fact is, we must comprehend and we must help the little ones now to understand this tragedy. As a mother, I found this video to be helpful… My heart breaks in the wake of this tragedy. … Continue reading