Marathon Bomber Manhunt: Shots Fired In Watertown Again, Suspect in View by Copter

Shortly after the “shelter in place” order was lifted in Watertown and surrounding areas of Boston, shots were fired again in Watertown and police and media are reporting that there is a body in a boat and a helicopter over the boat has seen movement of the body in the boat. NBC is covering live here. Via @JimArmstrongWBZ: More On Twitter: @wbznewsradio says suspect was found using thermal imaging from helicopter. ” @MassStatePolice confirm this activity is related to ongoing search for #bostonbombing suspect  NBC News reports suspect could be injured and police are moving in cautiously and slowly incase he has explosives on him. Via Twitter: The boat suspect is hiding in…

DNC Infographic: Stop The Sequester

Just days before $85 billion in deep federal budget cuts are to take effect, the Democratic National Committee is circulating a new online infographic aimed at pressuring Republicans to back President Obama’s plan to avoid the so-called sequester. “If Republicans in Congress don’t act by Friday to stop the so-called sequester, there will be far-reaching consequences on our economy. These disastrous consequences are completely avoidable, and the President has a balanced plan to stop the sequester,” says DNC Executive Director Patrick Gaspard says in an email with the infographic. Gaspard asks supporters to share the infographic via Twitter, Facebook and other online tools. President Obama warned of the consequences of the sequester in his recent State of the Union address. The … Continue reading

DNC Mounts Full-Tweet Press On Sequester

Brad Woodhouse knows a thing or two about sports, so it should come as no surprise that the communications chief at the Democratic National Committee went for a “flood-the-zone” strategy of all-sequester-all-the-time Friday on Twitter as House Republicans remained away from the Capitol. By mid-day, Woodhouse had re-tweeted several sequester-related messages to his more-than 16,000 followers. He also was showing off the #StopTheSequester hashtag. One such tweet was a photo of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican member of the Cabinet, warning that the deep cuts the sequester would bring would cause air-travel delays. Another of Woodhouse’s tweets broadcasted the new DNC video on the sequester, the large slash-and-burn budget ax which is to fall March 1 without further congressional … Continue reading

350,000 Respond To White House ‘#My2k’

With Republicans in a sour mood and in disarray following last month’s elections, President Obama appears to have scored a coup in public opinion, with more than 350,000 Americans responding to his call to share stories about what an impending middle-class tax hike would mean to them. More than 100,000 shared their stories of what losing $2,000 would mean to them on, with a peak submission rate of 9,000 per hour, according to a graphic tweeted by the White House. More than 250,000 shared stories via Twitter using the #My2k hastag, with a peak rate of 18,700 tweets per hour, the graphic says. The $2,000 figure is what many Americans would lose if taxes were allowed to rise for … Continue reading

The War on the War on Women Woman

She IS a part of this campaign, and, having made herself a public figure, is undeserving of any special benefit or protection. She has to face the same political ugliness that the Obamas have (where are the cries of wounded womanhood when Michelle Obama is called “The Mooch” and derided as a mad spendthrift, behaving as Marie Antoinette in the midst of this horrible Recession?), that Hillary Clinton has, that every other man and woman in the political arena must face. Continue reading

Breitbart is Dead, but his Spirit Lives On …

Case in point: Liberals celebrate death of Andrew Breitbart — Which wouldn’t be surprising, of course, had I not written this in a private email moments before it popped up on the Front Page of Memeorandum, as I explained that I wouldn’t be writing any schadenfreudy snark, etc.: Continue reading

Susan G Komen Defunds Planned Parenthood

In a move that has instantly infuriated feminists, it was announced today that “Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, will cut off its funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates, where the foundation has traditionally paid for preventive screening services.” Planned Parenthood has been at the center of a lot of heated political battles lately. Most center on whether the group, as an abortion provider, should receive government funds for other services it provides, such as offering contraceptives and preventive screenings. The move by the Komen fund was immediately decried as a cowardly attempt by the Komen fund to bow to conservative pressure. Twitter has been aflutter with the news for a couple of hours now… Tweet … Continue reading

Breaking: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Announces Plan to Step Down from Congress

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has just announced plans to step down from Congress. Giffords was the “victim of a gunshot wound to the head in an attack a year ago in her Arizona district.” She said her work toward recovery was her reason for stepping down. Prior to the shooting Gabrielle Giffords “had been considered a rising Democratic star, and had been considering a bid for Senate this fall.” She has been absent from Capitol Hill over the course of her recovery, except for a very moving surprise return in August to vote on an agreement in the House, to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Watch her moving announcement here: UPDATE (2:32 pm): I first caught the breaking news on Twitter and them … Continue reading