Senators Embedded Within a Brain Fog

    by Walter Brasch   The U.S. Senate—under the leadership of Mitch McConnell who once said his primary mission was to see that the Senate didn’t agree with anything President Obama said or did, and to limit him to one term—continues to be one of the nation’s leading obstructionists. … Continue reading

My Birthday Wish

The Liberty cap was CENSORED from the statue in the 1850s because of Southern Antebellum Political Correctness. (Or, should I say, ‘Keerecktnis’?). That craven action needs to be rectified. That would not only correct a grievous aesthetic and historical mistake, but would renew the meaning of the Liberty cap to the world — the same world that we renewed its meaning to once before, in 1766.] Continue reading

Capitol Idea: It’s Time to Nuke Senate Republicans

There’s been much talk in recent years in the U.S. Senate of “going nuclear,” or of triggering a “nuclear option.”    Well, it’s time. No, make that well past time, for President Obama to go nuclear on Senate Republicans.    The Senate GOP has steadily ratcheted up its obstruction of … Continue reading