How George Will Celebrates the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Because, as everyone knows, learning tolerance and not throwing your garbage where it will poison others are impediments to literacy and learning. Here’s some more to whet your whistle: “Higher education, from which much of such diversity and sensitivity nonsense trickles down, cries poverty while spending lavishly on administrative overhead irrelevant to its teaching and research missions …” Continue reading

The Filibuster That Wasn’t There

The filibuster has been elevated to the level of SuperMajority, which was never the intent of the Founding Fathers, whose shoes they deign to shine, those “Constitutionalists” and their high-falutin’ “reverence” and “patriotism.” Continue reading

We Don’t Actually Have ANY of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

When you hear that “We’ve got only two years of Romney’s tax returns,” that’s at best half true, and, actually, almost entirely false. Continue reading

‘There’s A War Going On’: Candidates Silent As Americans Favor End In Afghanistan

Both major-party candidates contending for a term in the Oval Office almost appear to have forgotten that a U.S. war is still underway in Afghanistan. Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan even mentioned the war when Romney introduced Ryan as his GOP running mate, and President Obama usually gives the conflict only a brief mention in his campaign events. There could be a reason. According to recent polls by ABC/The Washington Post and the New York Times/CBS, two in three Americans believes the war has not been worth fighting, and close to 70 percent says the United States should not be involved in Afghanistan. The American public, strongly in favor of ending the war, is starting to question the presidential candidates’ … Continue reading

VIDEO: The Controversial Anti-Romney Steelworker Ad

The political headlines have become dominated in recent days by a powerful new TV ad put up against Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The spot, featuring steelworker Joe Soptic, tells the story of how under the management of Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital, Soptic couldn’t get healthcare for his family — leaving his wife to die of cancer. The ad has generated supporters, such as commentator Ed Schultz, and even some doubters, on the left, such as Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent. What do you think? Now, you can watch the ad in full and decide for yourself. (Please leave comments below.)   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:    

Jennifer Rubin’s Savage Assault on Reality

what is astonishing is that a major United States newspaper would allow this blatant Goebbelsesque “big lie” propaganda run unchallenged, unquestioned, uncorrected, and, seemingly untethered from the credibility that newspapers require as the backbone of their existence. Continue reading

The GOP ‘War On Women’ Isn’t Over, Reid Reminds Voters

With a new poll may may have women once again moving toward Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Senate’s Democratic majority leader is reminding female voters that the GOP hasn’t ended its “war on women.” Although President Obama had opened up a huge 19-point advantage among women just weeks ago in the midst of the debates over birth control and other women’s issues, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that gap has shrunk to just 7 percent. The “war on women” has been a potent rallying cry to attract more women voters to the Democratic side. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada took to the Senate floor Wednesday to remind voters about the earlier Republican battles against women’s health care … Continue reading

A Streetcar Named Reform

The Supreme Court has (predictably) expanded police powers broadly, ruling broadly in a case involving strip searches and jail visits, to expand all police’s rights to strip searches (including cavity searches) of anyone for just about any violation — including, as Justice Breyer notes in his dissent, a traffic offense:… Continue reading