Taking on the Great God of Exceptionalism

Time was when the U.S. was really truly exceptional in many areas — in the 1950’s and 1960’s  —- after the rest of the world’s manufacturing was destroyed in World War II. But in those years, there wasn’t much talk of American Exceptionalism. It was so obvious, especially in the … Continue reading

Memorial Day 2012: A Lesson Not Yet Learned

by WALTER BRASCH   Today is Memorial Day, the last day of the three-day weekend. Veterans and community groups will remember those who died in battle and, as they have done for more than a century, will place small flags on graves. But, for most of America, Memorial Day is … Continue reading

The Me Generation, or Generation Text?

Look: when the Republicans of Iowa can’t even count their own votes in their own private caucuses, having made it a national showpiece and with plenty of advance warning, I have NO expectation of normalcy or sanity in the aftermath of that Continue reading

My Birthday Wish

The Liberty cap was CENSORED from the statue in the 1850s because of Southern Antebellum Political Correctness. (Or, should I say, ‘Keerecktnis’?). That craven action needs to be rectified. That would not only correct a grievous aesthetic and historical mistake, but would renew the meaning of the Liberty cap to the world — the same world that we renewed its meaning to once before, in 1766.] Continue reading

President Obama Has Chance To Craft ‘Pro-Worker’ Trade Deal

By leading negotiations for a new international trade pact among nine Asian and Pacific Rim nations, President Obama has the opportunity to create “a pro-worker, pro-jobs trade agreement,” a U.S. labor leader says. In Hawaii hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Obama also is continuing talks on the proposed … Continue reading